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Last Site Update: 16.Sep.01 | Download Current Version: 1.0 | Contact: DooM / UpYourz

¤ What is Bot Boom?

BB is a program to create bots for the game Quake 3 Arena, from Id Software.
It generates little scripts, that you copy to your BASEQ3\SCRIPTS directory and allows you to play with new opponents.

It doesn't create all new bot characters. Not yet. In this version (1.0), I tried to make things easy (to me and you, hehe) so all bots are based on the 32 predefined (by Mr.Elusive) bots Q3A comes with.
This way you don't have to waste time thinking and editing from scratch... =) I know custom chat quotes would be great, but I leave that to another time, maybe a future version of BB...

Besides, you have (as I said) 32 different "souls" to choose from!
And with 89 different skins (23 models) in the game you have (right on the start) 57 potential bots to create. I know you want a FLISK bot...

But wait... What if you want a bot that uses FLISK's model, plays (and talks) like MAJOR and has the name of GUYBRUSHTHREEPWOOD? Is this possible?

Yes it is, and its very easy to get one =)

Also, you can specify your own homemade model/skin or even id model/custom skin. There's no limit on the number of bots you can make and believe me, it's great to see new faces on the Bot Selection menu and play with them!
BB comes with 3 ready to play bots: Reptile, Scorpion and SubZero. Enjoy, just don't get addicted, like me...

¤ Who did this?

Well, the concept and basic code is mine - DooM.
My friend Luís UpYourz Faustino did the "Save .bot file" feature and has contributed with many others things... The man OWNS!!

Reptile, Scorpion and Subzero are 3 very cool skins for Bitterman's model, made by Dragon_Fly and included in BB with his permission. Check out his site where you can download the rest of the Mortal Kombat crew.

¤ How does it work?

Run BB, create your script and save it in BASEQ3\SCRIPTS.
For instance, if you have Q3A installed in C:\Q3ARENA, you would create a new SCRIPTS directory (folder) under C:\Q3ARENA\BASEQ3\ and then save your script in C:\Q3ARENA\BASEQ3\SCRIPTS\ .

The .bot file's name doesn't have nothing to do with your bot's name. Your bot could be L33tH0r and still have a file name. Just make sure you put it in the right directory.

Finally run the game, create a Multiplayer server and add all the bots you want from the bots selection menu. Ssssooo easssy Sorlag says.

¤ Why such a crappy title?

First of all, "Bot Creator" was already taken, by Phatdc21. He made a similar program, with music and everything. Check out his 8 megs program. :P

I had another names in mind but when I told UpYourz about the program, he had the idea of "Bot Boom", inspired in "baby boom". So, don't blame me, blame and flame him instead! :))

¤ I'm a modeller/skinner, can I use BB?

Yes, you can. Create your script and put it in a SCRIPTS directory. Then add this directory to your PK3 file. That's it. Give a real life to your models and skins!
In fact, I did this to the 3 MK skins included with BB.

¤ Do I really need BB?

Well, you could edit .bot files by hand. They're small and simple but still give some work. BB is 100% user friendly and does all the work for you :)

¤ I need help with BB. Do you give support?

D'ooh. BB is very simple and easy to use and comes with detailed help. Read it. If you still don't get it, email me.

¤ I have some questions about bots in Q3A. Can you help me?

Sorry but I can't. Ask Mr.Elusive (yeah right) or check out PlanetQuake's Q3A Guide. It has a special Bots Authoring section just for you.

¤ Err... Bug founded!

Report any bugs you find. Send any suggestions you may have too (for possible future versions).

¤ I want to see you playing with those bots...

Here are 5 screenshots from a little test I made with Megabyte's model and the 3 Mortal Kombat skins included with BB.

Hmmm, new bots for the massacre...
Wait, this isn't Freeze Tag! :P
Eat that lagarto dum raio! :))
I'm taking some scree... arrgh!

¤ Where's the download link?

29.Mar.00 - Released version 1.0.
Downloads: 1.8 mb (includes automatic setup) | 445 kb (no dlls and no setup)

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